Expo Pakistan 2017

Dear Member Company,

Pakistan Software Export Board in line with the policy to bolster local IT Sector hereby solicits applications from PSEB member companies to exhibit at EXPO Pakistan 2017, scheduled to be held at the Karachi Expo Center from November 9 - 12, 2017.

EXPO Pakistan, organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and held for 9 consecutive years, has evolved into a major exhibition. This annual event offers an ideal platform to PSEB member companies to interact with prospective local and overseas customers. As per the information provided by the organizers, the four-day Expo Pakistan "showcases the largest collection of Pakistan's export merchandise and has thus become the primary sourcing point for a large number of businesses worldwide, giving them a head start on buying and ordering. Foreign exhibitors, from neighboring countries, also utilize Expo Pakistan to launch their respective products and Services."

According to organizers, this year, an inaugural dinner at Governor House on November 08th, 2017 has been arranged for the delegates & exhibitors to meet informally with each other. The first three days of Expo Pakistan shall be exclusively for B2B meetings of our respected Exhibitors with their relevant buyers as per our last practices. Minister for Commerce, Secretary TDAP & the Chief Executive, TDAP shall also be available at the expo center to meet the foreign buyers & will meet Exhibitors. The last day of event will be open for the general public (November 12th, 2017).

Additional information on the event can be obtained at http://expopakistan.gov.pk

Subsidy would be provided by PSEB to selected PSEB member companies for exhibiting at Expo Pakistan 2017. In return, PSEB expects that the exhibiting PSEB member companies would effectively utilize their respective presence at Expo Pakistan 2017 by soliciting prospective customers, developing necessary business contacts and exploring cooperation and collaboration possibilities.

PSEB member companies would pay Rs. 30,000 only for a 12 sqm space. Application forms and TORs for exhibiting may be downloaded from http://pseb.org.pk/images/docs/expo-pakistan-form-2017.pdf and be submitted with following:

  • Demand draft of PKR 30,000 in favor of Pakistan Software Export Board (Refundable in case of non-selection).

  • Duly filled-in application Form.

  • Signed TORs.

Kindly submit your application and bank draft along with the above mentioned documents to the undersigned by October 2, 2017 by 11:00 A.M. Please note that only companies with current PSEB membership would be considered.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Best Regards,

Sulman Hassan

Director International Marketing

Pakistan Software Export Board

Ministry of IT and Telecom

Government of Pakistan

Office 5/6, 5th Floor Shaheen Complex,

Edgerton Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Telephone: +92-42-99200170

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cyber Data Security and Privacy: Challenges and Prospects

Dear PSEB Member,

A two-day Conference on Cyber Data Security and Privacy would be held in Lahore from 13th to 14th September 2017.

As per information submitted by the organizers, the conference “is going to address the issues, challenges, and prospects arising due to the rapid digitization of critical data of the organizations operating in different industries. This is a professional conference targeting high profile C-Level audience and speakers from multiple sectors”.

According to the organizers, the main theme of the event is “to understand the significance of making digital data networks secure, highlight industry specific (banking, insurance, telecom, e-commerce, etc.) unique issues and solutions relevant to data security and privacy, to introduce multiple hardware and software solutions available for data security and privacy as well as lay down the R&D agenda for future knowledge advancement in collaboration with academia in the area of data privacy and security”. Conference would comprise of the following sessions:

  • Opening Session: Digital Transformation: A Driver for Cyber Security.

  • Customer Data Management Challenges in Cyber Space.

  • Panel Discussion: Data Security and Privacy Issues in Financial Sector.

  • Hardware / Software Support Systems for Secure Data Management.

  • Cyber Governance, Compliance, and Implementation.

  • Security Challenges in Digital Transaction: e-commerce, e-banking, and Mobile Financial Services.

  • Closing Session: Prospects and Road Ahead for Cyber Data Security and Privacy.

For information on the event pertaining to attending the conference, speaking slots or sponsorship opportunities, you may contact Manqoosh ur Rehman, Director Sales & Marketing, Creative Fusion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0302-4556733.

Best Regards,

(Jahanzaib Shafi)

Manager International Marketing

Pakistan Software Export Board

Ministry of IT and Telecom

Government of Pakistan

2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex

Agha Khan Road, F-5, Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone: +92-51-9211124/9201466

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expo Pakistan 2015 - (Post Event Report)

Feb 26-Mar 3, 2015

EXPO Pakistan, organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan has been held every year since 2005. The four day event is a showcase of the largest collection of Pakistan's export merchandise and thus is considered to be the largest exhibition in Pakistan. The key difference between other local exhibitions and Expo Pakistan is its ability to attract a noticeably large number of foreign visitors (both from public and private sector entities) and this makes it more attractive to all stakeholders. In view of the importance of the event, PSEB International Marketing Department proposed participation in Expo Pakistan as an exhibitor in line with the historical precedence. PSEB subsequently floated a newsletter to IT companies soliciting applications to exhibit at Expo Pakistan 2015. Ten companies eventually exhibited at Expo 2015 with PSEB financial subsidy (Rs. 10,000 per company).

The Expo 2015 inauguration ceremony was held at the Expo Centre with the Honorable Prime Minster of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurating the event. The crux of his speech pertained to projecting Pakistan as a viable, feasible destination from which to procure cost effective and high quality products for export. His speech made a plea to ignore the law and order situation and made use of key metrics that projected Pakistan in the top quadrant.

The exhibition was open for B2B interactions only for the first two days and partially on the third day as well. There were numerous areas in exhibit arena which were predominantly clothes and handicraft based. Moreover, certain areas of the exhibit arena simply did not have any pass-through of any kind between the aisles thereby forcing the visitors to turn back the same way. Other aisles were narrower than expected resulting in congestion.

The undersigned made an effort to go around the exhibition hall numerous times after ensuring suitable presence at the PSEB booth. Attention was paid to visit all pavilions including those of the US Aid, Mauritius booth, Korean Booth among others. Apparently the law and order situation had an impact on the presence of prospective buyers at the event despite attempts by TDAP to attract maximum number of attendance.

The undersigned interacted with commercial attaches at Pakistani Embassies most notably Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The undersigned is currently in contact with the said officials with regards to arranging a delegation on the pattern of the recently concluded Pakistani delegation to China.

Exhibiting at Expo Pakistan was therefore fruitful in terms developing contacts for the PSEB platform as the international marketing department would start pursuing the contacts developed through participation in Expo Pakistan. The fact that significant contacts were developed at Expo Pakistan alone was sufficient to make exhibiting at Expo Pakistan well worth the effort and it is strongly recommended that PSEB exhibit at Expo Pakistan 2015 as well.

This year’s expo was dominated by textile, gems and jewelry, auto manufacturing, marble, furniture and agricultural products. The agriculture, gems and jewelry and fruit exporters were particularly aggressive in their efforts and dominated the exhibition arena in addition to such as auto industry related exhibitors.

The response from the PSEB companies was generally positive. The undersigned visited the exhibiting IT companies numerous times. The exhibiting companies were generally pleased with the turnout and are likely to exhibit next year as well.

Effort was put into developing contacts with TDAP, most notably with TDAP staff responsible for organizing Expo Pakistan. This would be helpful in securing a more favorable location at Expo Pakistan 2015.

From PSEB’s perspective, the importance of EXPO Pakistan goes well beyond merely having a presence at the exhibition. Expo Pakistan 2015 provided a unique opportunity to interact first hand with the relevant stakeholders. Useful perspective was attained from such interactions which would subsequently be evident in the international marketing department activities that would be submitted for approval in near future. The activities would include establishing communication with all overseas dignitaries with whom contact was established through EXPO Pakistan. The focus of aforementioned interaction would be to explore collaboration and cooperation possibilities and to market Pakistan’s IT industry.

ITCN Asia 2016

Dear PSEB Members,

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), in line with its policy of bolstering the local IT Sector of Pakistan hereby solicits applications from PSEB member companies to exhibit at ITCN Asia 2016 (September 27-29) at Karachi Expo Center.

According to organizers, ITCN Asia is the largest ICT exhibition in Pakistan and that the 2016 event is expected to attract representation from 30 countries with over 100,000 visitors. The event would focus on Business Solutions, Telecom Solutions, Government Solutions, Cloud Computing, Data Center Solutions, Banking Solutions, Health Solutions, Retail Solutions, Digital Marketing, Consumer Technology, Security and Computer Hardware Solutions. Further information on the event is available at http://itcnasia.com/

PSEB would provide subsidy to selected PSEB member companies having valid PSEB membership for exhibiting at ITCN Asia 2015. After availing the subsidy, the shortlisted PSEB member company would pay only Rs. 25,000 for the following benefits:

  • Independent Exhibition space of 9 sqm with fascia Name, counter, 2 chairs, spot lights and power socket.
  • Company profile in the event’s catalogue.
  • Corporate visitor passes

You may bring your marketing material such as backdrop, brochures, banners, and standees for effectively marketing your products and services. A PSEB representative would be available at all times to address any issues pertaining to PSEB Pavilion.

Your company must have valid PSEB member ship to be eligible. The duly filled in application form and signed TORs must be submitted to Mr. Jahanzaib Shafi, Manager Marketing, PSEB, 2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, F-5, Agha Khan Road, Islamabad by July 22, 2016 by 4 PM along with the following:

  • Objective Statement (explaining why your company wants to participate in this particular event)
  • Demand draft of Rs. 25,000 in favor of Pakistan Software Export Board (refundable in case of non-selection).

Kindly contact the undersigned for any related queries.

Sulman Hassan

Director International Marketing

Pakistan Software Export Board

Ministry of IT and Telecom

Government of Pakistan

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +92-42-99239170

ITCN Asia 2015 - (Post Event Report)

Karachi, Pakistan

Feb 26-Mar 3, 2015

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in line with its policy to promote the IT industry of Pakistan participates regularly in local IT exhibitions with IT companies. Significant subsidy is provided by PSEB to selected IT companies. The purpose of the subsidy is to encourage participation in relevant trade events in order to enhance collaboration and cooperation possibilities among stakeholders and to facilitate interaction with prospective customers.

ITCN Asia, organized by Ecommerce Gateway is held every year. The three day event is considered to be among the largest IT exhibitions in Pakistan. PSEB International Marketing Department proposed participation in ITCN ASIA 2015 as an exhibitor in line with the feedback received from the IT Industry and recommended 50% subsidy to PSEB member companies in order to facilitate participation by the eligible IT companies at the event. Fourteen companies availed Rs 17,500 subsidy to exhibit at ITCN Asia and are as under:

Balytica Software


Evamp & Saanga

E Reality

ISR Software

Lumen Soft

Super Novav Solutions

Softech Microsystems

THK Solutions

Viftech Solutions

Vector Dynamix

Vurke Inc

Unique Software Development of Pakistan

The event was relatively more effective than last year in terms of providing a viable platform to Pakistan’s IT companies to market their respective products and services to prospective customers and to develop necessary networking contacts. The objective of the PSEB team was to project the Pakistan’s IT sector’s long standing record to deliver high end solutions, to project the extremely attractive incentives that are being offered to companies that may be interested in setting up operations in Pakistan, to market Pakistan’s IT Industry and solicit prospective customers in addition to improving the brand image of Pakistan as a cost effective outsourcing destination for IT products and services.

PSEB and exhibiting PSEB member IT companies were by and large successful in its ability to attract the targeted audience. PSEB and the 14 exhibiting PSEB member companies witnessed nearly 3,000 visitors. Over three days, nearly 300 visited the PSEB Booth. The visitors to the companies in Pakistan IT pavilion were surprised to learn about how advanced the IT industry was in Pakistan. The audience was primarily made up of senior executives, IT professionals, students, entrepreneurs as well as general visitors. As expected, the overwhelming majority of the queries pertained to the state of the IT industry in Pakistan. PSEB staff distributed a large number of brochures at the three day event and every possible effort was made to ensure that the visitors left the PSEB pavilion satisfied.

Feedback from Pakistani exhibitors:

We availed the opportunity to interact with the senior executives of all IT. The feedback from the PSEB member companies was positive as the companies reported generating significant sales leads. The companies were of the view that participation in both local and international exhibitions should be increased. PSEB member companies were in agreement on the ROI from the exhibition and came away satisfied with the exhibit space, associated facilities and the support that PSEB provided for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibiting companies are understandably not in a position to provide quantifiable figures pertaining to the business that can be attributed directly to participation in the exhibition however they did report generating significant leads during discussions which could potentially turn into concrete deals over medium to long term duration.

The criticism pertaining to the exhibition was with regards to poor advertisement of the event by the organizers. This was conveyed to E Commerce gateway by the Director International Marketing, the E-Commerce Gateway Chief Executive promised to enhance marketing of the event for the 2016 ITCN Asia.

This year’s ITCN had a special focus on startups and entrepreneurs. This focus was in line with the worldwide recognition pertaining to the immense importance of startups on an economy. As per analysis of the Kauffman Foundation, without the jobs startups have created, yearly employment growth in the United States could very well be negative and that micro firms “1-4 employees” were especially significant, accounting for an average of 20 percent of new jobs each year in the United States.

The Startup Arena at 2015 ITCN Asia provided an exclusive platform for startups from all over the country thereby providing them with an immense opportunity to showcase their innovative products & services in front of leading national & international venture capitalists. There was absolutely no shortage of startups at ITCN Asia 2015 vying for the attention of the well-heeled investors. Two events, geared towards startups, namely Shepherd’s Pie and Seedstarter Karachi were among the main attraction at ITCN Asia 2015.

Shepherd’s Pie is designed with Shark Tank and Dragons Den themes. CEOs (Shepherds) of well established companies act as Seed Investor and Mentor. Startups pitch their aspiring Ideas in front of Shepherds and can potentially make a deal during the event or can continue the discussion and close the deal in coming days and months. Through ITCN platform, E Commerce Gateway played its part in creating the right entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

Seedstarter Karachi at ITCN ASIA 2015 was actually the inaugural event of Seedstarter World. Seedstarters World is a Switzerland based startup competition that takes place in emerging markets and took place for the first time ever in Karachi, Pakistan at 15th ITCN Asia 2015. The two events were filled with disruptive tech, inspirational keynote, networking sessions.

An Industry meet-up was held at the Karachi Expo Center in conjunction with ITCN Asia 2015, moderated by Director International Marketing & Director Operations, PSEB. The event was attended by a large number of IT professionals including President PASHA, senior members of the IT Industry. During a comprehensive presentation was given by Director International Marketing appraising the IT industry on steps being taken by PSEB to ensure sustainable growth of the IT industry. Following the presentation, the floor was opened for discussion which mainly focused on participation in both local and international exhibitions and startups. The participants suggested that it is becoming increasingly important to focus on both local and international marketing with enhanced contact between PSEB and the industry. As mentioned before, it was suggested that the number of exhibitions in which PSEB participates needs to go up significantly. The event concluded with tea which provided networking session for the participants.

The Director Operations & Director International Marketing attended a scheduled meeting at the State Bank of Pakistan with regards to the accurate classification of Pakistan’s IT exports. SBP representatives were receptive to the PSEB proposal of sending an advisory to the banks to ensure that IT exports of the IT industry are correctly accounted for and advised PSEB team to send a formal request in this regard.

In all, participation in ITCN Asia 2015 was a success and it is strongly recommended that PSEB participates in ITCN 2016.