Major Functions

  • Undertake research and study on the state of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and propose strategies for fast track and sustainable development of the Pakistan IT industry including software and services, IT enabled services, and hardware in both export and domestic markets.
  • Study the laws and regulations of various competitor countries and propose improvements and modifications in Pakistan public policy impacting the IT industry in the light of Pakistan's requirements.
  • Register IT companies in Pakistan and propose and provide fiscal, regulatory and corporate incentives and facilitation to them. Act as a one-stop shop to cater to all the needs of an IT company for setting up or facilitating its IT business ventures in Pakistan. Act as a bridge between the private IT companies and the various government bodies.
  • Work with telecom regulators and operators to reduce broadband bandwidth tariffs and rates and improve quality in order to maintain international competitiveness.
  • Plan, develop and establish "Software Technology Parks" and IT Parks in Pakistan.
  • Determine human capital requirements of the IT industry and work to address these needs in collaboration with other entities.
  • Develop and execute a marketing plan to help local software companies reach out to potential clients abroad, attract and facilitate foreign software firms to establish their software development facilities in Pakistan. Arrange the participation of Pakistani IT Industry in domestic and international IT events. Provide protocol, hosting and match-making facilities for foreign delegates and investors. Establish a web portal for customers, investors and companies and prepare and disseminate marketing collateral.
  • Develop company capability by assisting them in acquiring quality, security and other certifications.
  • Facilitate company growth by enabling access to equity and debt financing and by fostering an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Undertake targeted development of sectors like ERP for Small and Medium Industry and Open Source Technologies to boost these sectors and create a snow ball affect.

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