Strategy & Research

In conjunction with stakeholders such as PASHA, the industry association, Planning Commission, State Bank of Pakistan, the IT/ITeS industry, and the Ministry of Information Technology, PSEB has developed a vision and astrategic roadmap to fast-track the IT industry’s growth.

Industry Survey

No organization can strategically plan, manage and interact with its stakeholders in the absence of accurate data. PSEB also takes into account the industry's statistics, and notices variations in order to have an insight regarding its needs and expectations from its partners.

In this regard, PSEB commissioned a survey of Pakistan's IT companies and Its objective was to acquire the latest data regarding the number of companies, growth, space requirements, and classification by type of business.

Preliminary results indicate that there are almost 700 active IT companies in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, which are roughly evenly divided among the three cities. Other cities are being surveyed, and it is expected that there are around 50 IT companies in other smaller cities and towns. Growth in Islamabad over the last three years has been around 300%, Karachi has been around 180% and Lahore has been around 150%.Lahore has been most adversely affected by the downturn in the USA and global IT markets – probably because it houses the most export-oriented IT firms. It appears that Islamabad might be the destination-of-choice for returning expatriates following the events of 11th September 2001 in the USA. PSEB has also coordinated with various international research bodies, such as Gartner, Forrester, and the IDC. PSEB has purchased their reports regarding the global IT industry and its growth, and reports outlining which factors can make Pakistan a strategic player in the highly-competitive outsourcing industry.

PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment-2010

The dynamic character of Pakistan's IT and IT-enabled services industry continues to evolve and re-invent itself to meet the new challenges and opportunities.

This report is a fresh attempt of PSEB, in a series of attempts over the last few years, to capture credible and reliable data on Pakistan's software / BPO industry. It puts forth and builds upon a data collection framework that seeks to collect data on revenues and markets, employment, management and operations, quality of technical operations, funding needs, and public policy. It also, for the first time, uses a detailed revenue classification scheme to create a finer grain understanding of revenues and activity across various IT and IT-enabled services sectors as well as tools, platforms, offerings.

Title: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment-2010
Description: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment-2010

Strategic Review of the Pakistani IT Industry

PSEB has engaged the services of Gartner Consulting, a leading International firm to conduct a study on the Pakistan IT Industry.  The objectives of this study are to undertake a review of the existing conditions of the Pakistani ICT sector with particular emphasis on the software and IT services and develop a practical strategic blue print that will assist the government and the companies operating in the sector to achieve a step-change improvement in performance.

Title: Driving Forward The Pakistani Software and IT-related Services Industry
Description: Gartner's report on Pakistani IT Industry

Strategy for Increasing the Exports of BPO

Pakistan differs considerably from other competitors in the BPO marketplace because of the geopolitical constraints that it finds itself in. Any workable strategy, therefore, needs to take these ground realities into account, and action plans need to be developed that work around some of these constraints. This study provides a long-term sustainable and comprehensive strategy for developing the outsourcing industry in Pakistan. It also contains useful statistics regarding the IT professional services industry of Pakistan.

Title: Strategy for Increasing the Exports of BPO Services in Pakistan -- 1.8MB (PDF)

Description: A Report on BPO Services in Pakistan.

Pakistan's Software Industry: Best Practices & Strategic Challenges

Comprehensively written by an independent consultant, Mr. Athar Osama, this report, entitled "Pakistan's Software Industry: Best Practices & Strategic Challenges", aims to identify best practices within Pakistan's software industry. This three-month long independent research study has resulted in a number of key findings of immense value to the industry. Written in an easy-to-read format, the study classifies Pakistani software companies into four categories, each with its own set of strategic challenges and best practices. The categories allow the reader to easily relate their own situation to one of these classifications, and to learn from the best practices followed by companies in that category.

Title: Full-version research report -- 123 pages, >1MB (PDF Format)
Description: Funded, and published, by PSEB, this study is also supported by the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA).

Assessment of Professionals in Pakistan's IT Sector

Although a large number of professionals are already working in the IT industry, and new IT graduates are joining the workforce every year, the exact number of these professionals, their qualifications, and their needs' assessments remain largely unknown. PSEB, therefore, has undertaken a short survey in order to estimate how many people are professionally involved in the IT sector, which can provide a basis for further study, and provide some assistance to the policy-makers in the industry. The objective of the assignment has been to carry out an independent survey in order to analyze the most important factor for the future growth of the IT sector in Pakistan i.e. skilled human resources, with a view to assessing the current situation and potential for further development of the IT industry.

Title: Report on IT Professionals in Pakistan -- 1.8MB (PDF)
Description: Report on the number of IT professionals employed in Pakistan

Compensation Survey 2005

This study is an independent and reliable compensation survey regarding the various levels of IT professionals employed in Pakistan's IT industry.

Title: Compensation Survey for IT and ITeS Industry of Pakistan - 2005
Description: A report about compensation provided to IT professionals in Pakistan

Setting up Call Centers in Pakistan

A guide for local entrepreneurs and businesspersons, the objective of this report is to create awareness among existing and potential investors and venture capital companies to explore Pakistan's IT sector for the growth of their business.