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ZRG Presents Emerging Concepts in Customer Relationship Management

February 20, 2013 – ZRG International, the market leader in unified customer contact center and CTI solutions, presented innovative ideas and best practices in customer relationship management during a financial industry conference on Branchless Banking.

The one-day conference, organized by 1Link, was inaugurated by Mr. Kazi Abdul Muktadir, Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan and was attended by over 250 leading professionals from the financial sector.

The Branchless Banking model will allow financial service providers to offer banking services to consumers without the need for setting up traditional style Brick-and-Mortar branches. The contact center would be the primary channel for delivering information and services to the customers in a timely and efficient manner.

“By adjusting the customer care program and fine tune some impactful areas such as the customer accessibility, processes, operational efficiencies, technology and monitoring, a business can get achieve greater customer satisfaction and spend less for doing it”, said Ayub Butt, founder and chief executive of ZRG.

Ayub highlighted the upcoming concepts such as Home working, Social Media and the Big Data that offer great opportunities for a business in reducing costs and creating better customer engagement.

“The most daunting challenge faced by contact centers today is in managing the balance between effectiveness and efficiency. Understaffing could have a drastic impact on customer satisfaction while overstaffing would reduce profits. By using the right metrics, a company can transform its service delivery machine to maximize profits while keeping customers happy”, said Ayub.

The ideas presented by ZRG offer great potential for businesses in their efforts to deliver a dynamic customer experience in a highly efficient way. ZRG is known in the market for its fully integrated contact center solution with a complete suite of communication and business software apps.

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ZRG International has been offering innovative and flexible solutions for contact center, CRM, IVR, CTI, Call Recording and Complaint Management needs since 1994. ZRG has delivered successful turnkey projects to over 50 prestigious organizations, including sixteen leading financial service organizations and seven large-size telecom service providers in the domestic and international market.