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Netsol ranks in Forbes ‘Top 500 Software Companies in 2015′


LONDON (Web Desk) – Netsol has been ranked among the ‘500 best software companies to work for in 2015′.

The report was released by Forbes and correlated Glassdoor data with ‘Software Magazine’s 2014 Software 500′ list to determine what percentage of employees would recommend a particular company as well as how many see their CEO in favorable light.

To ensure impartiality, the data discarded companies with less than 15 reviews.
Netsol ranked at 330 in the rankings. 84% of their employees would recommend the company to a friend and 79% approve of the current CEO.

The inclusion in a high profile list compiled by none other than Forbes marks another feather in the cap for Netsol, which specializes in providing financial solutions.

The company already has a stellar reputation in local circles and enjoys wide international acclaim and recognition.

Mobile Callers Can Now Receive Free Legal Advice


A Call Center Success Story

ZRG International - Call centers, also referred to as Contact centers, play a vital role for both the customers and service providers in making the effective delivery of information and services possible to a dispersed customer base. Usually, a phone call or an email is all it takes for a caller to get the desired answers and this brings a lot of convenience and time saving values to the customers and prospects.

Call centers are not a new phenomenon in this region. Most leading service providers offer support services to their customers, partners, agents and internal users through dedicated call centers. These centers are manned by teams of knowledgeable representatives that use one or more software applications to receive, process and resolve customer inquiries. Call centers help organizations in delivering valuable assistance to their clients in a friendly and an efficient manner with complete documentation.

This article provides a success story of a Call center that has drawn national attention because of a unique and first-of-its-kind service that it is offering.

Through this Call center, all mobile and landline callers from anywhere can receive free advice on legal matters and citizen rights from credible and authentic legal professionals. This service can be reached by mobile and land line callers by dialing 0800-70806 within Pakistan or +9221 3580-9349 from anywhere in the world.

The call center is equipped with Dialogic technology platform with OneView business application suite that is provided and supported by ZRG. All the required features needed by the Call center are available under a single unified platform, so the call center business users and IT teams do not have to deal with multiple platforms or coordinate with multiple providers for a single solution.

This success story demonstrates that by using the right combination of an expert and dedicated provider and an integrated proven technology platform, a call center can achieve great results in a cost-effective, hassle-free and reliable way.

Legal Advisory Call Center

It is a regular day at the Legal Advisory Call Center. A legal advisor takes the next call. The man on the phone sounds desperate and edgy. He threatens to take law in his own hands if he does not get justice. He claims to be a victim of unfair treatment from some powerful and influential personality. The legal advisor patiently hears the details on the head phone and marks the call as "high priority".

This and other such calls will be automatically routed to a senior team of experienced advisors for the best possible legal resolution. The legal advice imparted is free and is focused on helping people who do not have means or access to the formal justice system in Pakistan.

Located near the calm waters of Clifton Beach, Karachi, the Legal Aid Office is operating a Call Center that offers sound and competent legal advice free of charges and without any obligations through a team of senior legal professionals.

Legal Aid Advisory Center is operating under the Chairmanship of Honorable Justice (R) Nasir Aslam Zahid. The key members of his team include Honorable Justice (R) Arif Khilji as Chief Advisor, Senior Advocate Mr Akmal Wasim as Executive Director and Mr. Asad Jamil as Project Advisor.

Supported by Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) initiative, the purpose of this advisory service is to empower the masses by enhancing the level of awareness of fundamental rights, enforcement mechanisms and remedial measures available under the law. The Center is working towards the goal of making justice available for everyone. In other words, "insaf sub ka haq" or Justice for All.

This first-of-its-kind call center is equipped with a state of the art all-in-one call center platform deployed by ZRG. Built on the latest communication technology called Dialogic Power Media, the OneView software by ZRG provides feature-rich software applications required to successfully manage the contact center operation with innovative apps for inbound and outbound calling, call representatives, supervisors, floor head and IT system managers.

The OneView contact center software innovation by ZRG makes the advisory services easily accessible through a single phone number and plenty of phone lines behind that number. The Advisory Service Contact center has multiple teams working in collaboration towards a common goal. A qualified and well trained group of attorneys take the inquiries in languages including Urdu, Sindhi and English and provide answers to general questions on the spot.

"Our project for the contact center of Legal Aid Society is very exciting because of the cause behind this first of its kind legal advisory facility in the region. We have combined the very best of expert domain knowledge with the latest technology," said Ms Nazish Kanwal of ZRG. "We have integrated the expert legal advice, skills of a dedicated team, innovative communication technology, a custom software suite and contact center best practices all into a turnkey platform to support the advisory center operations", she added.

OneView platform uses a multi-layered data abstraction model that integrates with the communication channel to bind all customer interactions with the master data. This makes it very easy to get a complete view of information with a single search.

With OneView, the Call center users are able to provide accurate information to the callers much faster by using a single window that contains all the information related to the current and past communication and the query processing details. This approach saves a good amount of time during each call and allows more calls to be handled per hour, boosting the throughput of the center considerably.

Through a powerful combination of advanced CTI technology with a business-specific process criteria and workflow rules, the ZRG's integrated solution enables this call center to operate with great speed and high efficiency to enable the delivery of accurate information in a documented way.

Complex queries are registered and forwarded to a group of litigation researchers that look at each case in detail and get legal opinions from a group of senior law experts. Similarly, a dedicated team relays the information and results of resolved queries by contacting the person that lodged the query.

ZRG solution provides Legal Advisory Call center management with a reliable mechanism to ensure service quality and a robust way to accurately measure the inputs and outputs of the work and to monitor and gauge the pulse of their operation.

OneView Contact Center software suite includes the Dashboard software App that displays the latest status of the call traffic and agent workforce. The software automatically monitors and calculates the top performing agent based on their output and scores. The profile of the best performer is displayed under the title “Star Employee” followed by his/her high score, calculated on the basis of the number of people he/she has guided during the day. Another view of the display shows the statistics of calls for the day, the customer satisfaction level at which calls were handled and the number of cases closed.

A database of reported issues and resolutions is being developed that will become 'big database' of helpful and searchable information. Over time, the management will be able to identify the trends, common problems and recurring scenarios and recommend actions at the executive management level.

"There are so many incidents where women and minorities get falsely implicated and languish in prisons for years. In a lot of such cases, there are minor children that have to spend their lives in the jail to be with their mothers as they have nowhere to turn to. It does not have to be this way, and we are going to try our level best to change that", says Ayub Butt, CEO of ZRG. "We believe that with the availability of accurate and credible legal advice free of charge through the Legal Aid Advisory Contact Center, many unjust situations can be tackled and the suffering of the innocent can be alleviated or reduced."

"The feedback we have received from the leading professionals about this center has been all positive, particularly as the idea of delivering valued information and services through the contact center has ignited the imagination," said Ms Nazish Kanwal of ZRG. "People are thinking about all kinds of advisory scenarios for making help easily available for their target segment. We welcome new ideas and we are ready to participate in such sound initiatives."

International Technology, Local Expertise

ZRG is the leading Contact Center and CTI specialist company that inspires the regional leading contact center and telecommunication professionals to elevate the performance of customer interaction operations.

Since 1994, ZRG has been offering innovative and flexible solutions for multi-channel Contact Center, CTI, IVR, Call Recording, Complaint Desk, Ordering and Workflow Management needs.

In collaboration with global communication manufacturing giant, Dialogic Inc., ZRG has successfully delivered Enterprise level business communication solutions to prestigious organizations in the banking and financial services, telecoms, insurance, courier, pharmaceutical and energy service industries in the national and international market.

Some of the key clients of ZRG solutions include prestigious banks, financial service and customer service organizations such as Bank AL Habib, Bank of Khartoum, Sudan, Soneri Bank, NIFT, HBL International, UAE, Albaraka Bank, Burj Bank, First Women Bank, KASB Securities, NAFA, NIB, Silk Bank, Bank Alfalah in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Additional clients include leading brands such as TCS, Pakistan State Oil, Toyota, EFU Life Assurance, MultiNet, Sanofi Aventis, Singer, PTCL and Allianz.

ZRG integrates media-rich communications with business data and processes across the enterprise. ZRG solutions boost the productivity of customer interface contact centers through the use of multi-application, multi-channel business communication approach, seamless integration and service quality management.

By delivering complete satisfaction, ZRG has become a well-reputed name among the leading contact center and business telecom professionals. We are known for our in-depth domain knowledge, our early project completion, a suite of flexible solution, a proven track record and an excellent reference from the market.

More information about Legal Advisory Call center or OneView solution by ZRG can be requested by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting


BRAMERZ Acquires DEXTEAM to Scale Operations in Karachi

Pakistan’s 1st digital industry acquisition follows the Silicon Valley model

Bramerz [] , the leading digital media and marketing agency announced acquisition of DEXTEAM, a new-media startup, to strengthen its presence in Karachi. Bramerz, founded in 2006 with head quarter in Lahore, is one of the largest digital agencies in Pakistan. Bramerz also specializes and enjoys significant footprint in e-commerce and online content monetization products and services.

The acquisition was announced by Zeeshan Saleem, Cofounder & CEO of Bramerz. Zeeshan said, “Pakistan has 130 million mobile subscribers and is all set to be the next Asian tiger, especially in the digital & mobile spaces. Within 8 months of launch of 3G/4G services, 12 million users have already subscribed to the service. Demand for digital products & content will grow enormously in the coming months. And this acquisition is the first step towards capturing this huge opportunity”

The Founder and CEO of DEXTEAM, Adeel Hashmi said “Bramerz has always been an innovative and inspirational brand in the digital marketing industry in Pakistan. There could not be a better pairing and this is the way forward for the industry to grow.” Adeel is now part of Bramerz as General Manager and will steer the growth of the company in the south region of Pakistan.

Recently, Badar Khushnood, Google’s former Country Representative, also joined the Bramerz as a Partner. He has been instrumental in building Google’s ecosystem in Pakistan and have extensive experience in digital media and marketing landscape in addition to startups & technology entrepreneurship.

Partner and VP, Amer Sarfraz, also added, “With Badar (former Google) and Adeel (former Nokia) joining the Bramerz team, we now have world-class talent, knowledge and expertise to grow further & faster in the digital landscape and scale globally.”

About Bramerz:
Bramerz was established in 2006 in Lahore as one of the early innovators in the Digital Marketing and New Media. The company has worked with some of the industry’s leading brands including Pepsi, Nestle, Unilever, Samsung, Coke, Dell, Intel, Levi’s, Dominos, etc. amongst a vast roster of patrons. Bramerz is a full-service digital strategy & solutions agency enabling brands and businesses to harness the power of digital media in addition to specialized digital products in ecommerce and online content monetization niche.

DEXTEAM digital agency, an affiliate of the Malaysian Xtrategize Group started operations in Pakistan almost 2 years ago, served numerous digital projects for HBL, TCS, Alfalah GHP, THK Solutions, Cosmopolitan in Pakistan and multiple projects from private and public sector in Malaysia.

MD PSEB giving his views on NTG Seminar

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Korea Eximbank to start feasibility study for a state-of-the-art IT park in Islamabad




PSEB’s management with Minister of IT, Korean Ambassador, and officials from Eximbank and Ministry of IT


Islamabad, May 15th . Minister of State for IT, Mrs. Anusha Rehman Khan, members of Ministry of IT and PSEB had a fruitful meeting and discussion at the ministry with a team from Korea Eximbank for starting feasibility study for a new state-of-the-art IT park in Islamabad this year. The team from Korea included Mr. Seoung-ho Jin, Director General, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Mr. Park Song-yun, Director Korea Eximbank and four other members. Earlier, the team had toured the site for the proposed IT park in Islamabad with executive management of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) including MD PSEB, Asim Shahryar Husain and other directors of PSEB. This was followed by a visit to offices of PSEB and MoIT.


Minister of IT welcomed the Korean delegation to MoIT and told them that ministry’s vision is to provide good infrastructure to the IT industry to leverage the full potential of Pakistan’s IT talent. She said that IT parks provide a whole ecosystem including affordable space to IT companies along with backup power, bandwidth, and linkages with both industry and academia. IT park in Islamabad will be the first of the three IT parks with future IT parks being planned for Karachi and Lahore by ministry and PSEB. This was followed by a presentation by MD PSEB who mentioned that Pakistan is ranked fourth globally by elance at present in terms of freelancing revenue for IT and that IT exports have grown by 35% since last year. He said that there is an aggregate demand for more than a million square feet of office space by more than three hundred IT companies in Islamabad and Pindi at present. He mentioned that IT parks are like export factories with exports potential of up to $120 million a year per IT park. Mr. Seoung-ho Jin, DG Ministry of Strategy and Finance, said that he was impressed with the IT potential and talent of Pakistan and that Eximbank will select a Korean consultant to start the feasibility study later this year.


This was followed by a lunch meeting between Ministry of IT and Korean delegation which was attended by the Korean ambassador, Mr. Song Jong-hwan, and heads of PTA, USF, and ICT R&D fund. The Korean ambassador mentioned that Korea and Pakistan had similar economies in the sixties but Korea’s economy had taken off in the last fifty years because of growth in technology. Pakistan has a lot of IT talent and IT parks would be a good way of leveraging that talent to boost Pakistan’s IT exports. The minister thanked all members of the Korean delegation for visiting Pakistan and hoped that the IT park will be the beginning of a long lasting strong relationship between Pakistan and Korea.