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Thank you for visiting PSEB’s website. Pakistan is the best kept secret when it comes to delivering quality IT products and services. Pakistan has more than 2000 IT companies and more than 200,000 IT professionals with education and experience in latest IT tools and technologies. Pakistani IT companies are providing services to many large multinationals as their clients. Below are some salient features of Pakistan’s IT industry:

  • Pakistan has a streamlined government regulatory process and one of the most attractive incentives program for IT investment in the region with zero taxes on IT exports till 2019.
  • Pakistan allows 100% repatriation of profits to foreign IT investors.
  • Foreign IT investors can save up to 70% on annual operational expenses by investing in IT sector in Pakistan. On average, the annual cost for a software engineer in Pakistan is one fifth of the cost in USA and Europe.
  • Pakistan has more than 15 IT parks with IT-enabled infrastructure with more being planned in future.
  • Pakistan has more than 200,000 English-speaking IT professionals and graduates and this pool is growing every year.
  • Pakistan has more than 2000 IT companies out of which 110 are certified in quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and 22 are certified in Carnegie Mellon’s CMMi standard. This guarantees the quality of their software development processes and products.
  • Pakistan has more than 550 call centers with expertise in both inbound and outbound calling including technical support and telemarketing.
  • Many international IT firms have established offices in Pakistan including IBM®, Intel®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, SAP®, Teradata®, Mentor Graphics®, Bentley®, SNL Financial®, Ciklum®  and many more indicating strong confidence of the international players on the competence of the Pakistan's IT workforce and encouraging investment policies of the government.
  • Pakistani IT companies have world's largest companies amongst their clients including Halliburton®, Motorola®, GE®, BMW®, Toyota®, Daimler Chrysler®, AT&T®, Vodafone®, e-Bay®, Pepsi®, Deutsche Telecom®, DHL®, KPMG®, ABN Amro®, NYSE®, British Petrolem®, Petronas®, Caltex®, Sears®, Telenor®, and many more.
  • Pakistani IT companies have received recognition and awards at International events such as Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Awards (APICTA). Since 2010, more than 20 Pakistani IT companies have won gold or silver awards at APICTA in different categories including e-learning, e-health, e-government, security, supply chain management, communications, and financial applications. This is a testament to the immense IT potential of Pakistan.

With 3G being launched recently in Pakistan, now is the right time for foreign and local investors to consider investing in the lucrative IT sector of Pakistan to generate high ROIs. Such investments can be made in IT parks, software development centers, IT consulting centers, gaming and animation studios, call centers, or data centers. Should you need any help or information regarding investment in the IT industry of Pakistan, then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would more than glad to respond to your queries.

Asim Shahryar Husain

Managing Director

Pakistan Software Export Board

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Dear Visitor, Thank you for visiting PSEB’s website. Pakistan is the best kept secret when it
comes to delivering quality IT products and services....

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Why Pakistan

Strategically-located in South Asia, Pakistan is at the crossroads between East and West Asia. Pakistan's geographical location...


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