NUST in Association with Evamp & Saanga presents 4-Day Workshop on:

Rapid Web Development through Ruby on Rails Framework
28th to 31st July 2011 (0930 to 1630 hrs)

Rails is the most well thought-out web development framework I've ever used. And that's in a decade of doing web applications for a living. I've built my own frameworks, helped develop the Servlet API, and have created more than a few web servers from scratch. Nobody has done it like this before. - James Duncan Davidson, Creator of Tomcat and Ant.

Workshop Objectives - Allow users to :-

  • To promote rapid agile web development with clean application of MVC that is high-performance and scalable
  • Allow users to build Rails applications from scratch, manage database with migrations
  • Learn about Ajax support in rails
  • Understand ActiveRecord associations and validations
  • Understand REST and how to use it in Rails
  • Understand basic optimization techniques such as caching/eager loading

Trainer : Hisham Malik

Hisham Malik is Director Engineering at a leading software house, where he has lead teams to develop and deploy several RoR websites and applications. Hisham Malik received his Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Master in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta. Hisham Malik has over 8 years of industry experience working in companies including Bloomberg, and Avaya Labs.

Workshop Fee:

Professionals: Rs. 18,500
Students Rs. 4000

Last Date for Registration: Tuesday 26th July 2011

Only limited seats are available

Registration Fee: All participants are required to Deposit the registration fee through bank by 26th July, 2011. The relevant details are given below:
Note: In case of Cash Payment. Please deposit at SEECS Information Office
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Registration Support: 0333 5666048


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